4-Part Series on CBD + Epilepsy – An Overview of Epilepsy

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This begins a 4-Part blog series on how CBD can help with epilepsy. Be sure to stay tuned all four weeks to get a comprehensive understanding of epilepsy in general, how CBD can help regulate epilepsy, heal brain injuries, and protect your brain. 

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, one of the most common conditions affecting the brain is epilepsy. Unfortunately, almost 30% of epileptics are resistant to traditional drug treatments, so many doctors and patients are turning to alternative treatments to relieve their symptoms, with CBD being a major player. 

What exactly is happening during a seizure? In short, it has to do with abnormal brain signals. Amazingly, our brain communicates through electricity – basically, neurons hold electrical charges that send messages to other neurons. When these signals are abnormal, your neurons fire uncontrollably. 

An important point to remember is that if the abnormal signal dead-ends at one neuron, you are okay. However, as Sarah Potts writes, a seizure occurs “when all neurons are excited, they are closely connected to other neurons, and the signal is big enough for the other neurons to react and act the same way.” 

Brain infections, genetic predispositions, head trauma, stroke, and sometimes prenatal factors can cause neurons to send abnormal signals. 

But why do neurons send these abnormal signals? There are four primary reasons: 

  • The neuron is damaged
  • There are too many or not enough neurotransmitters
  • Your brain has slow ion channels that take a long time to turn off messages
  • Receptors are not functioning correctly, which makes it difficult for the neuron to know when to stop sending signals 

Medical professionals and patients are continually searching for a remedy; many are now turning towards alternative treatments. Thankfully, the American Epilepsy Foundation has confirmed that cannabidiol (CBD) has helped treat epileptic patients. Stay tuned for next week’s post to learn how CBD can help regulate seizures. 

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