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Remedi Shop’s Mission

The team at Remedi CBD, based in Colorado, is a collaboration project of hemp and CBD industry professionals. With an advisory board of scientists, physicians, farmers, and extraction specialists, Remedi has launched a line of hemp CBD infused products focused on delivery methods with proven and noticeable effects.

Our mission is to grow, produce, and sell quality CBD products to enrich the lives of our consumers through edible, household, and supplemental CBD products. We strive to offer products that consumers can integrate into their daily routines to improve their wellness, no matter their lifestyle.


The state-approved industrial hemp farms in Colorado are required to grow their crops in a pesticide-free environment. On certified organic land, the hemp ingredient used to create the extracts in our products is certified by the Colorado Department of Agriculture to be free of any residual chemicals.

All of our CBD products are crafted in a highly controlled environment to achieve the best quality and bioavailability. Compact for easy travel, the 99% pure CBD used is lab-tested for guaranteed purity and potency. The pure CBD used in our products is intended to help with various health concerns like chronic pain relief, sleep disorders, and anxiety management. Plus, our edibles and tinctures are vegan and gluten-free, perfect for anyone.

Remedi Shop The Ingredients we use


Remedi Our Lab - CBD Products

Remedi CBD products are made using 100% organic ingredients. The kitchen that manufactures our products works very closely with our team. Because of this, we are able to guarantee a consistent quality in such a naturally-based and micro-dosed product.

We also work closely with one of Colorado’s most advanced hemp-CBD extraction facilities, refinery labs, and product manufacturers. The full-spectrum oil and isolate used in the creation of our products are lab-tested every batch for potency and cleanliness. The Lab is approved for production by the Colorado Dept. of Public Health and Environment and with Denver Dept. of Health. Each batch of finished product is supplied with a Certificate of Analysis guaranteeing potency and effectiveness.


Remedi CBD is partnered with one of the Nation’s only state-approved storage and fulfillment centers for hemp-derived CBD infused edibles. The distribution company that handles all of the storage and fulfillment for us is one of our best aspects. In the same way we research our partners, we make sure our storage and shipping methods are held to the same standards. We like to call it The Vault.

The Remedi product line is stored in a Colorado state-approved storage facility for industrial hemp-infused edibles and other products. Every step of the way, Remedi guarantees the products we sell are handled in a safe and efficient manner. From The Vault, directly to you, our products are always potency-guaranteed, freshly-made and as effective as possible.

Remedi – Our Vault – Storage & Shipping Facilties