Adding CBD into Your Wellness Routine

Remedi CBD Wellness Routine

Adding CBD into Your Wellness Routine

For years, CBD has been researched as alternative medicine that works with your endocannabinoid system to calm your body, which may lead to numerous health benefits. Some studies have shown that the anti-inflammatory benefits of CBD have been shown to have a correlation with minimizing cancer cells, while other studies show that incorporating CBD into your wellness routine can bring you better sleep and reduce stress in your life.

Creating a Wellness Routine

Do you currently have a consistent wellness routine? It’s important to create a wellness routine to allow yourself time to slow down, relax, and practice self-care. Here are some tips to help you create a wellness routine:

  • Schedule time for self-care
  • Set reminders on your phone
  • Make changes to your wellness routine slowly
  • Do it with friends, family, or roommates
  • Be sure to do self check-ins
  • Don’t commit to too much

Ways You Can Take CBD

There are so many ways you can take CBD and reap the many health benefits. What works for one person, may not work for another. That being said, there is no right way to incorporate CBD into your wellness routine. Keep reading to explore the many different ways of taking CBD that may work for you!


Typically when you think of the appearance of CBD, you think of oils or tinctures. However, isolates look a bit different. They are a white powder that consists of only the cannabidiol chemical compound. Typically, CBD isolate is added and dissolved into beverages since there is no taste or smell to the powder. 


Topical creams are a common way of taking CBD. Since your skin has receptors in it, topicals directly affect localized areas of application. Just rub the cream on aching joints or blemishes for quick relief. It is commonly used post-workout, as a recovery technique to alleviate muscle tension and soreness.


Edible CBD gummies may be the tastiest, most convenient form of CBD to use. CBD gummies act as edibles and you can consume them as you like. Studies show that ingesting CBD gummies on an empty stomach can help with the absorption process. 


CBD capsules make it easy to measure the amount of CBD you’re taking daily while blending in with other daily supplements or vitamins in your wellness routine. When CBD is ingested, it is broken down in the digestive system and enters the bloodstream, where absorbing receptors can be found.


While tinctures tend to be a more expensive CBD option, the process of making tinctures doesn’t destroy many of the essential health components of CBD. Made from premium hemp, tinctures appear in an oil form and are typically used by adding a few drops under your tongue or into your food or beverages.

Spa Products

There are many CBD spa products on the market. Some of the most common products include bath bombs, bath salts, massage oils, and bubble bath options. Coating your entire body in CBD helps with full-body recovery, delivering relief almost instantly. Plus, the aromatic effects of CBD spa products can add additional relaxation.

Incorporating CBD into Your Wellness Routine

CBD & Exercise

Taking CBD before or after exercising can help reduce pressure on veins, allow for better blood flow, lower blood pressure, and reduce any exercise anxiety. Here are some ways you can add CBD into the exercise part of your wellness routine:

  • Add a few drops of Remedi CBD tincture to your protein shake
  • Apply a topical cream when you experience sore muscles

CBD & Sleep

CBD may help reduce stress and anxiety, allowing your mind and body to relax. Plus, the anti-inflammatory, pain-alleviating effects of CBD can help you get some ZZZ’s also. Here are some ways you can add CBD into the sleep part of your wellness routine:

  • Add isolate to coconut oil and dissolve under your tongue for a relaxation effect
  • Have a partner give you a massage with CBD massage oil to relax you for better sleep

CBD & Nutrition

Adding CBD to your diet will help you reap all of the nutritional benefits of hemp. CBD also includes brain-boosting antioxidants and acts as an anti-inflammatory throughout the body. Here are some ways you can add CBD to the nutrition part of your wellness routine:

  • Take a CBD capsule when you take your daily vitamins
  • Add a few drops of unflavored CBD tincture into your dinners

About Remedi CBD

The team at Remedi CBD, based in Colorado, is a collaboration project of hemp and CBD industry professionals. With an advisory board of scientists, physicians, farmers, and extraction specialists, Remedi CBD has launched a line of hemp CBD-infused products that are all focused on delivery methods with proven and noticeable effects. The state-approved industrial hemp farms in Colorado are required to grow their crops in a pesticide-free environment. On certified organic land, the hemp used to create the extracts in our products is certified by the Colorado Department of Agriculture to be free of any residual chemicals. Check out Remedi CBD products!


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