Can CBD Boost Your Immune System?

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Can CBD Boost Your Immune System?

This year probably more than ever, our global society as a whole is greatly concerned about the immune system, especially as we enter this winter season. So our question today is: can CBD boost your immune system? 

A Brief Overview of the Immune System

We are constantly being bombarded by a ceaseless stream of diseases, infections, viruses, and bacteria. These all would kill us if it weren’t for our superhero immune system. 

Not only does our immune system protect our bodies against foreign, toxic invaders, but it also has a canny ability to detect and destroy cells that aren’t working properly. 

Your Endocannabinoid System + Immune System

While we don’t know everything about how the endocannabinoid system affects the body(ECS), we do know that it helps establish and maintain homeostasis (balance) between your body’s many systems. 

It’s been discovered that your body creates endocannabinoids to help balance cell function, including those precious cells that make up your immune system. 

How Your Body Interacts With CBD

Before we go much further, let’s briefly look at how CBD generally interacts with your body. 

We know of two types of receptors in the ECS: the CB1 receptors and CB2 receptors. These receptors interact via cannabinoids (CBD). 

CB1 receptors have been located in the central nervous system, whereas CB2 receptors are located in the GI system and – the star of our show today – your immune system. 

CBD’s Affect On Your Immune System

While researchers are still trying to piece together the whole puzzle, we see 

sure signs of CBD’s positive affect on your immune system. 

Let’s consider what we’ve already learned so far: the ECS works to maintain homeostasis in your body. Taking CBD can help us maintain that balance between our body’s systems, which includes a healthy immune system. 

The ECS, and therefore CBD, has also shown to support a healthy mood and sleep patterns, which directly affect the function of our immune system.  

Lastly, another well-known villain of the immune system is stress. When we are stressed, our bodies produce cortisol. Too much cortisol suppresses our immune systems, increasing to our susceptibility to illness. 


To restate, we don’t know everything the ECS does and how it fully interacts with the immune system, but we do know its role in maintaining balance in your body. Sounds like something we all would want during flu season, am I right?

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