CBD Can Help Quit Smoking, But Why?

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Stop Smoking with CBD Remedi Shop

Want to know how CBD can help quit smoking? Well, studies suggest there may be a link between the endocannabinoid system and nicotine addiction, and CBD hemp oil may be the key to breaking the habit. CBD hemp oil may help curb the urge to smoke by reducing “reward memories” which cause people to want to smoke when they see another person smoking.

Normally, when someone has the urge to smoke, often after seeing or smelling someone else smoking, or during a stressful moment, they have a vivid memory of how good it feels to have that dopamine-induced pleasure portion of their brain stimulated. This memory is so intense that the craving for that cigarette (or cigar or e-cigarette) becomes so strong, it is near impossible to ignore or overcome.

It is thought that CBD can make a memory trace more flexible (plastic) when a memory is recalled. This allows the user to either get rid of that memory or modify that memory. This is sometimes called “reconsolidating” a memory, and the way CBD can help quit smoking by making the smoker forget bad smoking habit memories.

Alternately, CBD can help quit smoking as it may allow memory to be modified so instead of remembering just the pleasure associated with smoking, the person also remembers the negatives about smoking and the fact that it is bad for them. Thus, the next time they start to crave nicotine, the memory of smoking won’t be so positive.

How Much CBD To Use To Help Quit Smoking

If a person’s starting dose of CBD is 0.5 mL, it should be taken twice daily, approximately twelve (12) hours apart, and at least an hour and a half before or after any pharmaceuticals. If no change occurs within 14 days, double the starting CBD dose, and hold that CBD dose for an additional three weeks. Make note of any changes/relief. If within the three week period change/relief is felt, continue with the same CBD dose for the full three weeks before increasing. Adjust the CBD dose based on what you feel is appropriate. If you follow these instructions you will be on the right track to witnessing for yourself how CBD can help quit smoking.

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