CBD & Drug Testing – Will You Pass the Test?

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CBD Drug Testing Remedi Shop

Managing a drug-free workplace is becoming increasingly difficult in today’s world, especially for employers. With CBD continuing to gain popularity and exposure, where does it fit in in drug testing? Turns out it’s more simple than you might think. Read on to learn more…

CBD and Drug Testing

According to the US Drug Test Centers blog, the risk is much lower for failing a drug test because of CBD because there is no high, unlike marijuana. This is good news for CBD consumers because they generally won’t have a problem passing a drug test. 

However, for consumers using upwards of 2000mg of CBD per day could produce a false/positive test result. To be on the safe side, do your best to refrain from taking CBD before a test, or at least keep your consumption lower than 2000mg. 

CBD is also widely considered safe for passing drug tests because most CBD products are derived from hemp, not marijuana. 

How You Can Fail A Drug Test

Last month, Sherry Christiansen wrote an article listing 5 reasons for failing a CBD drug test that are important to keep in mind: 

  1. Using CBD Products with THC (the chemical compound elicits a high)
  2. Cross Contamination of THC
  3. Mislabeling of Products
  4. Secondhand Exposure to THC
  5. CBD Oil Breaks Down in the Digestive System 

Avoid a Positive Drug Test

Christiansen also offers ways on how to avoid a positive drug test: 

  1. Research your CBD product of choice extensively to ensure it is pure and the company is legitimate 
  2. Look to see that the CBD oil is extracted from a viable industrial hemp supply – stay away from low-quality tinctures
  3. Be thoughtful and ask questions about product processing techniques and the possibility of cross-contamination
  4. Avoid secondhand exposure to THC and marijuana via pot smoking and/or hair contact from those using THC 

An example of a legitimate company who cares about the quality of their CBD and how it is processed is Remedi Shop. They will state right on the product description whether or not their products contain THC. Click here for a THC-free tincture and see for yourself! 

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