CBD for Everyday

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For those new to CBD, it may seem overwhelming. If you are unsure that this product will fit into your everyday life, we are here tofind the best product to fit your lifestyle. With a few simple tweaks to your schedule-you can incorporate a multitude of products into your routine.

Skin Care and Beauty Routine

Topical Cream blends absorb quickly, soothing your symptoms almost immediately.

The Remedi topical cream is a hemp-derived CBD topical cream. This is a full-spectrum product containing the full range of cannabinoids and terpenes from the hemp-derived CBD oil that is infused. Lab-tested every batch. This product comes in blood orange and unscented.

Including CBD into your Diet

With our selection of pre-made edibles or isolate, CBD can make its way into all of your snacks or meals. Eat prior to times of low activity or before bed. Remedi CBD Edible products are made using 99 % CBD isolate, in an ISO certified & licensed kitchen.

Workout Recovery

After a workout, the cooldown is just as important as the warm-up. CBD can become a great asset when it comes to your post-workout routine. Benefits include: reducing inflammation, reducing pain and improving sleep. Remedi Topical Cream can be a great aid. Apply directly to localized muscles that are sore (massaging is helpful but not necessary). Remedi CBD Tincture, this uniquely blended oral tincture can be taken orally if the pain is found throughout the body and you cannot pinpoint a specific area of soreness.

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