CBD May Not Be What You Think

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Lately, CBD (cannabidiol) products on the market have been getting so much attentionbecause of its ability to relieve various conditions like seizures, insomnia, anxiety disorders, and arthritis pain. However, contrary to the mounting popularity, there’s still so much misinformation about CBD.

First and foremost, CBD does not have psychoactive effects, associated with THC, so you can get all the health benefits without “the high.” (And, you won’t fail a drug test, either.) “CBD oil has no side effects, and is all-natural and plant-derived.Prescribed medications are associated with Big Pharma, and full of additives and synthetics that can kill you,” says Dr. Cali Estes, founder of. The Addictions Academy and author of I Married A Junkie: Put to the Ultimate Test by Addiction, Love, and Life. “If you ever listen to the commercials, you will hear this may cause dizziness, dry mouth, seizures, death, etc.’ This does not sound like a great product to ingest, but sounds like poison to me.”

In hindsight, while CBD is generally considered safe and is legal in most states, a lot more research may be needed on the use of CBD. For instance, in Indiana, filmmaker and youth soccer coach Mamadou Ndiaye was facing jail time and a $1,000 fine for marijuana possession although he only possessed a small bottle of CBD oil – when he was stopped for suspicion of driving with a suspended license last summer. Eventually, though, the prosecutor and judge both decided to dismiss the case because CBD was legalized by the state legislature earlier this year as he told WTHR shortly after, “I did not do anything wrong. And for the past eight months, I still suffered for it. I will never forget that day. Never.”

“To deny a plant-based product that has helped thousands of people from seizures to cancer and to classify cannabis as a ScheduleI drug are asinine,”Estes says of the foggy legality of CBD. “The medical community needs to focus on the products that work, not just the synthetic Big Pharma drugs. We need to start curing the underlying cause of the problems, not just masking them with a drug.”

Strongly supportive of CBD oils, Estes utilizes them both personally (“My dog was diagnosed with cancer and I have been giving him CBD oil daily, and he is improving”) and of course, professionally. Upon treating a patient, she usually starts off with CBD oil, brain supplements, exercise and nutritional therapy, keeping in mind that medications should be the last resort, not the first line of treatment. “Once you start an anxiety med, like Xanax, coming off the drug will cause you more anxiety in the long run,” she quickly adds, also referring to the rapidly growing CBD market. “Why not start with an all-natural remedy first? I think Big Pharma corporations will get on board and start manufacturing it to cash in on the profits.I see a decline in traditional medicine the way we know it, and an increase in natural therapies.”

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