CBD Tourism

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Do you love traveling and seeing the world? Are you also a cannabis enthusiast? If so, one problem you may encounter frequently is finding a source of proper and trustworthy cannabis, or “plug,” at your travel destination, and the absence of cannabis may make your fun times seem a bit less fun. So, since you cannot board the plane with your stash, what is the way out of this dilemma? 

Thankfully, you do not have to experience that feeling of being stuck between a rock and a hard place anymore: over the last few years, cannabis tourism has grown bigger and better. There are businesses all over the world that aim to help you achieve the cannabis travel experience you so desire. This way, you do not have to worry about finding a plug when you get to a new place – you can just relax and have a good time while these businesses take care of all of your weed needs. Ranging from a secret mountain spot to relax your nerves and enjoy your cannabis, to various tours, retreats, and other outdoor adventures: these people mean business.

Butiq Escapes

This is a service operating out of Vancouver Island. It is a very luxurious marijuana tourism company, having been described as being able to meet the needs of those with high service expectations and no apparent money limits. Their “Highest of the Highs” service is an all-day package: starting with a day trip by helicopter from Victoria to a secret location on a mountaintop – and that’s not even the best part! Once at the secret location, guests are able to enjoy the very best strains of marijuana found in British Columbia. To top it all off, the night is finished with a gourmet barbeque dinner.  

Butiq is planning to expand its services, hoping to break ground on a few more locations by next month.

Canadian Kush Tours

This is another wonderful cannabis tourism business that operates from a different part of the world. Based in Toronto, this business offers a wide range of services, including a romantic night for two. This particular offer involves dinner, a limo, and an exclusive vapor lounge tour. Costing a mere $750, this is not Canadian Kush Tours’ most luxurious service. Instead, for just $600, you can opt for another service. Following an airport pickup, they allow customers who have just arrived to smoke in the parking lot. Then they take customers on a 3-hour dispensary tour. Talk about good customer service! After all, many people would greatly appreciate cannabis to loosen up immediately after a long and stressful flight. In a statement made by the founder of Canadian Kush Tours, Neev Tapiero, he says, “This airport service is popular among customers visiting for a bachelorette party. This way, immediately when you touch down, you can start having fun.”

Additionally, they offer 2-hour classes in the baking of edibles and making of dry sift, bubble hash, and rosins during their tours.

Cannabliss Retreats

This particular business is operational in Canada, California, and even Jamaica, and provide both educational and experiential services. The founder of the event and retreats, Sari Starr, is a huge cannabis enthusiast and explains that these retreats aim to create an environment where the health benefits of cannabis can be taught. Here, other plant enthusiasts are allowed to express their opinions freely and openly, not to mention the fact that they can connect to different species of the plants on a deeper level while enjoying social interactions amongst each other. The events organized by Cannabliss are quite numerous and can be both educational and recreational. These events include educational seminars, sound baths, yoga, wholesome food, and even wellness workshops. Of course, it goes without saying that there would be more than enough recreational cannabis for everyone.

Higher Way Travel

Unlike the previously discussed businesses, Higher Way Travel is a complete and trusted full travel service agency. They are experienced at meeting the cannabis needs of all of their customers, and one of the founding partners, April Black, is a registered travel agent. She and her husband (and partner) founded the business in 2016 after they met at a Cannabis convention in 2006. They ultimately became engaged in 2009 at the Times Cannabis Cup in Amsterdam and started this cannabis travel agency after helping a friend organize a trip to the Hawaii Cannabis Expo. 

Higher Way Travel celebrates 420 in a big way: they have a celebration in Jamaica known as Baked on the Beach, and also offer a tour in Hawaii known as Surf & Terps. They take care of all of the travel plans and arrangements so that the customers can enjoy their vacations or holidays to the fullest.

Additionally, Higher Way Travel is hosting its first Higher Health Retreat this August. The “herb-infused wellness weekend” is set to take place in Humboldt County during the period of the Perseid meteor shower. Various ceremonies, soaking, saunas, yoga, hiking, massages, and many other activities will be available. By next year, Barcelona and Los Angeles are set to be included in their travel plans, as well as Amsterdam, Costa Rica, and Northern and Central California.

The opportunities for a well-spent cannabis tour vacation are quite numerous: all you need to do is pack your bags and book a service that aligns with the destination of your choice. Always remember to travel with photocopies of all your necessary documents, as you do not know when you might need them.

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