Common CBD Myths Debunked


Common CBD Myths Debunked

There is no lack of discussion on CBD these days. Because of how prevalent the conversation is, the facts are bound to get muddied. Think of the game “Telephone”. For something this popular, it’s important to get the facts straight. This article identifies 4 of the most common myths and brings the truth to light. 

1. CBD Gets You High

CBD is non-psychoactive because it does not contain the THC (tetrahydrocannabinol)compound. It does not attract the CB1 receptors, which are the pathways responsible for the psychoactive effects of THC

2. There Is No Scientific Evidence For CBD Treating Any Health Condition

The allegation that CBD hasn’t been proven to treat any condition is not true. In June 2018, the FDA approved the first CBD drug to treat rare and severe forms of epilepsy, called Epidiolex. 

The significance of the FDA approving this drug should be factored into CBD’s ability to treat a very serious health condition. 

3. CBD Is A Marketing Scam 

The health and wellness industries are going to do what any business does: try to make as much money as possible. And yes, the hype of CBD has been successful in this endeavor so far. 

But just because CBD is unnecessarily being put into all kinds of cosmetic and wellness products doesn’t mean every use of it is unnecessary. There are legitimate applications, no matter how many products it’s put in. 

4. “I took CBD for 7 days and nothing happened, so it obviously doesn’t work.” 

Healthline debunks this myth wonderfully. Fluttering about in the interwebs are many blog authors who claim they tried CBD for a week or two and didn’t feel any different afterward. 

Here’s the best question to ask in response: were these authors trying to treat a specific condition in the first place? It’s similar to taking Ibuprofen for a week when you’re not in pain. What exactly were these authors trying to treat? 

Before you decide to try CBD, consider whether or not you have a specific condition you’d like to treat.*

*Always consult your doctor before implementing CBD in any treatment plan to see if it’s right for you. 

Well, there you have it! 4 common CBD myths debunked. We hope this article compels you to conduct your own research before taking the wellness industry at its word. 

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