How CBD Can Help Heal Brain Injuries

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A Recap

This is the third installment in a 4-Part blog series on how CBD can help with epilepsy. Be sure to stay tuned all four weeks to get a comprehensive understanding of epilepsy in general, how CBD can help regulate epilepsy, heal brain injuries, and protect your brain. 

So far in this series, we have learned that doctors and people suffering from epilepsy are turning towards natural alternatives to treat seizures. We then looked at how CBD can help regulate epilepsy. Today, we are going to dive into how CBD can help heal brain injuries, since it is understood that seizures have been shown to damage the brain. 

Brain Damage From Seizures

If you have ever witnessed someone having a seizure, whether in person or on TV, or even just read about how seizures affect a person, you probably have concluded how violent they seem to be. While experts don’t yet fully understand the long-term effects of seizures, it is understood that the brain damage varies on a case-by-case basis. Interestingly, children have more flexible brains than adults, which means they are probably the least likely to suffer long-term damage. 

Considering the sudden nature of seizures, epilepsy may also cause brain damage due to car accidents and falls. Depending on the severity of the accident or fall, a person could end up in a coma. 

Researcher and writer Lia Stannard writes long-lasting seizures or two seizures within a short period of time may permanently damage the brain. The extreme amount of electrical activity in the brain can disrupt normal cell function. Stannard continues to write that within a few minutes of cell disruption, brain cells can die. 

How CBD Can Help

Cue in CBD. There is evidence that CBD may regenerate brain cells, which will help heal the brain after the abnormal cell disruption of a seizure. 

Research has found that CBD works at the cellular level to keep you healthy. Specifically, cannabinoids directly affect the mitochondria, which are an integral part of cells and serve as a cell’s battery, so to speak. 

The key takeaway here is that CBD has shown great promise in brain cell regeneration. By helping these cells recover, CBD may be able to heal the brain injuries often caused by seizures. 

Stay tuned for our final week where we explore how CBD can protect your brain! 

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