Making the Most of your CBD Oil

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Everyone reacts differently to CBD and there are countless variables: diet, metabolism, genetics, environment, product consistency that can have an effect on the way your body reacts. With so many types of products that include CBD, there is surely a way for you to enjoy and find relief.

Dabbing CBD

Dabbing is defined as the consumption method associated with the flash vaporization of cannabis concentrates (in our case, cannabidiol), once applied to a hot surface and inhaled. Concentrates, like our99% pure CBDis more potent than other flowers, so a little bit goes a long way and is known to be one of the best ways to get immediate and effective relief. CBD Isolate also contains less plant material, so you are inhaling more cannabidiol and less combusted resin.

Vaping CBD

CBD can be dabbed in the form of CBD infused concentrates or CBD isolate. This method is one of the more intense ways to receive CBD. While you won’t get high from dabbing CBD you will intake larger amounts of CBD helping your body with whatever is needed.CBD vape cartridges are a growing trend. Vaping, unlike smoking, contains fewer carcinogens. You can purchase different titrates (estimated dosage or milligrams) and flavors of CBD to vape.

CBD Edibles

CBD edibles vary in price and potency. They can be found in the form of everything from gummies to cookies, brownies, crispy rice treats and more. Just like vaping CBD cartridges consumers are given several options of different titrates (estimated dosages) to choose from. Unlike dabbing or vaping CBD, edibles will take longer to get into your system. Don’t worry about eating too many because the only thing you have to beware of is guilt from all the sweet treats. CBD edibles will not get you high.

Topical Creams

CBD topicals are a rapidly growing trend in health and beauty products. CBD infused topicals can do everything from help with pain and inflammation to facilitating beautiful, radiant, healthy skin. Topicals made with CBD come in the form of lotions, balms, salves, creams, oils, and even sprays. Everything from makeup to pain rubs is starting to incorporate CBD

CBD Pet Tincture

Organically grown, CO2 extracted CBD rich hemp plants but is also mixed with MCT oil, to give your pet exactly what it needs. 4 mg per drop. Administer 1 drop every 12 hours directly to tongue, treats or food. This can help to relax pets, boost immune function, protect the joints, reduce anxiety, prolong lifespan, reduce inflammation.

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