Remedi Spa CBD Gift Guide

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Remedi Spa CBD Products

Our Remedi Spa products come in many different forms – CBD infused bubble bath, bath salts, bath bombs, and many more! Give the gift of relaxation with Remedi Spa products.

Therapeutic Benefits of CBD Spa Products

Pampering through self-care dates back to thousands of years ago, when Ancient Greece used aromatherapeutic baths and massages to help balance fluids in the body. They believed balancing these fluids daily through spa baths and massages would help cure pain or illness they were experiencing.

Recent studies show that CBD-infused spa products can have anti-inflammatory benefits, allowing people to reap the soothing benefits almost immediately. CBD can reduce inflammation, melt away muscle tension, and relieve symptoms of anxiety. Sounds pretty relaxing right?! CBD is non-psychoactive and works to ultimately connect and heal your body and mind, giving you the ultimate relaxation experience.

Remedi Spa CBD Gift Guide

Give the gift of relaxation. Take a look at our Remedi Spa products to find one that will be perfect for anyone you are shopping for!

Remedi Spa Castile Soap

Our Remedi Spa Castile Soap is multi-functional and smells great! The Remedi Spa soap is infused with 250MG of 99% pure CBD and lab-tested for guaranteed purity and potency. It can be used as a body wash and facial cleanser, soothing bath, all-natural cleaner, and as a fresh, itch-free laundry soap. Coating your entire body in CBD helps with full-body recovery. Plus, the soap is accompanied by healing scents such as eucalyptus/lavender or rose/ylang-ylang oil, the Castile Soap will truly complement their daily routine.

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Remedi Spa Bath Bombs

Our Remedi Spa Bath Bombs combine aromatic relief with soothing CBD effects. Just add the bath bomb to a warm bath and soak. They’ll immediately notice softer skin as they relax in our aromatherapeutic eucalyptus/lavender or rose/ylang-ylang scents. Experience the ultimate relaxation experience with Remedi Spa Bath Bombs. You can purchase the bath bombs in 25mg or 100mg, both are infused with 99% pure CBD and lab-tested for guaranteed purity and potency.

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Remedi Spa Bath Salts

Self-care has been redefined with Remedi Spa Bath Salts. Whether you’re looking for something that will help her to de-stress or decongest, our rose/ylang-ylang oil or eucalyptus/lavender can be added to a bath, immediately becoming infused with healthy minerals the body can absorb. Our Remedi Spa Bath Salts include Epsom salt, essential oils, magnesium citrate, and 99% tested pure CBD.

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Remedi Spa Massage Oil

Imagine elevating an already relaxing, rejuvenating massage! Remedi Spa Essential Massage Oils will deliver the utmost experience while she gets to sit back and relax into a massage. The massage oil is infused with CBD, enhancing relaxation and releasing any muscle tension. You can purchase Remedi Spa massage oils in eucalyptus/lavender or rose/ylang-ylang scents.

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Remedi Spa Nano Bubble Bath

Remedi’s Nano Bubble Bath delivers relief almost instantly. Nano CBD technology infuses CBD molecules into the product, making luxurious relaxation. The CBD-infused Bubble Bath is water-soluble, which increases bioavailability. Imagine being fully submerged, in a warm tub, immersed in perfectly combined essential oils, while muscle tension just melts away. The bubble bath formula is offered in eucalyptus/lavender or rose/ylang-ylang scents. Sink in, soak, and rinse. For alternative use, add some to a loofah, lather and rinse.

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