The Best Times to Take CBD Products

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The Best Times to Take CBD Products

Maybe you are new to using CBD products and you are curious about all the CBD possibilities. Whether your reason for wanting to try CBD is to calm you, help with physical pain, or for another reason, Remedi Shop has the answers for all of your CBD questions, including when the optimal time to take CBD is.

There are three things you should use to help decide when to take CBD; your reasons for taking CBD, the dosage, and which CBD products are best for you. However, always make sure you are listening to your body, as CBD interacts with your body’s function in ways that can be different for everyone. 

Reasons to Take CBD Products

CBD products are used for a multitude of reasons. At Remedi Shop we understand that finding the right CBD products for you is important to help make your life easier. Some may take CBD for physical reasons like pain management, acne, even appetite regulation. Others may take CBD products for how its relaxation effects, since CBD products may help boost your mood, reduce anxiety, and improve sleep. 

The reason you are taking CBD plays into when you should take CBD. For example, if you’re taking CBD for sleep, you may want to take it at night before bed. However, if you are taking it for anxiety, pain management, or overall wellness, it may be best to take CBD during the day.

CBD Dosage

All CBD products are required to have a recommended dosage on their labels. For example, our Remedi Full Spectrum CBD Tincture states that you should place a few drops under your tongue or in your food or drink. That doesn’t mean you always have to do a few drops, you could reduce it to one drop if you want. It all depends on what your body is telling you.

There is a maximum efficiency rate for CBD and if you reach that threshold, it is best to let the CBD do its work before adding more, otherwise, you could end up wasting the CBD products. At Remedi Shop, we want you to get the most out of our products. In order to not waste the product, we recommend you take it when you need to based on your reasons for taking it.

Remedi CBD Products

There are plenty of CBD products out there that can meet your needs. Here at Remedi Shop, we offer quite the selection for your CBD needs. Depending on the type of CBD products you are looking for, it could influence the best times to take it.

Remedi CBD Capsules

Our CBD Essential Capsules are great for managing your dosage and are completely vegan. The best times to take our Remedi CBD Capsules could be in the morning for if you feel anxiety during the day so that the CBD has more time to kick in to help in the day. Many times people will take CBD Capsules with their daily vitamins. If you have trouble sleeping, you could take it around dinner time so you can feel its effects better at night. We also offer Relax Capsules that can help more with your sleeping habits as it is infused with 3mg of organic melatonin. 

Remedi CBD Tinctures

Tinctures have a different effectiveness to CBD capsules. Because they can go under your tongue, they can be absorbed more quickly into the bloodstream. You may want to take it in the morning to stay relaxed throughout the day. If your body feels the CBD tincture wearing off too quickly, you could take another dosage at night as well. At Remedi Shop we also offer tinctures for pets as well as peppermint-flavored tinctures for humans. 

Remedi CBD Topicals

Because topicals are not used orally, they can target specific areas of the body. If you feel pain in your shoulders, you can apply the topical lotion directly to your pain area. There is no worry for dosage and topicals can be applied as needed. 

At Remedi Shop, we offer unscented and blood orange CBD Topicals as well as a Remedi Shop Tattoo Recovery Cream. Our CBD topicals work quickly to soothe your symptoms of pain. 

Depending on your reasons for wanting to try CBD products, the dosage of CBD and the method of consuming the CBD products influence the times you take CBD to relieve symptoms. Be sure to choose the best Remedi Shop products for your custom needs.

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