Using CBD While Hiking

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I live for the times where I can put on my boots and venture into the great unknown, hiking with my husband and dogs. I feel so much joy and peace on a hike. Maybe you can relate? 

This blog post hopes to explain how you can use CBD safely and effectively on your hikes, no matter the distance.

Many hikers, like myself, choose to use CBD during their hikes because it helps them recover faster, stay “in the zone”, and perform better.  

But how do high altitudes affect your CBD results? Being in Illinois, I don’t have to worry about this, but those of you near the Rockies, Great Smokey Mountains, or similar terrain are going to want to listen closely. 

CORECBD shares with us that depending on how your body reacts to elevation alone, as well as how your body reacts to CBD alone, will more or less determine how your body will react to CBD and elevation at the same time. 

Elevation and CBD affect everyone differently because everyone has a different biochemistry and bodyweight so, with this in mind, here are a few tips to keep in mind when taking CBD along on your hikes: 

  • Take It Slow – start with a low dosage and see how you react. Then, adjust from there. 
  • Take Breaks – Be sure to build in time to rest to better understand and listen to your body and how it’s responding to CBD and elevation 
  • Bring Enough Water – If you tend to get dry mouth or feel a little too chill, sufficient water supply will help keep your body going and ward of dehydration 
  • Take A Buddy – having a friend with you is a great safety precaution and it’s always fun to exercise together 

So what are the best ways to consume CBD while hiking? The most recommended ways are edibles, and adding tinctures to water because of their ease of use. 

Remedi Shop’s got you covered the next time you go out on a hike! We carry a variety of products, including edibles and tinctures, that will help balance your body! 

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