Is CBD Safe For Cats?

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Is CBD Safe For Cats?

CBD is becoming a popular product for people suffering from a variety of ailments. We use it to relieve stress, anxiety, pain, and much more. People rarely think of it as something for their pets to take, yet here we are, explaining how pets – specifically cats – can benefit from CBD tincture products.


Is Hemp Oil Safe For Pets?

The general consensus is that, yes, CBD hemp oil for pets is safe. The only side effects that are usually minor can be an upset tummy and being lethargic or sleepy from ingesting a higher dose of CBD than recommended. Be sure to follow the instructions on the CBD hemp oil to avoid these effects. 

Because our CBD tincture is 0.3% THC or less per volume, it is highly unlikely that our pet tinctures will harm your pets. If your pet does experience an upset stomach or any other side effects, simply lower your dosage of the CBD oil and those symptoms should go away.

The Benefits of CBD Oil For Cats

For all the cat people of the world, it is important to give your feline companion the best attention and life they could possibly have. Cats are known to be jumpy and easily scared, hence the phrase ‘scaredy cat,’ but our hemp oil for pets, specifically our tincture for cats, can help alleviate some of these anxieties for them. 

Some of the benefits of CBD tinctures for cats, as well as hemp oil for pets in general, include:

  • Anxiety relief
  • Relief from arthritis and joint pain
  • Reduced inflammation
  • Reduced aggression
  • Increased appetite

Anxiety Relief

Cats experience anxiety just like we do. During this time of COVID, they may experience something like separation anxiety as people start going back to work after working remotely for a while. Anxiety can also be a warning sign that the cat is experiencing physical pain or has had a traumatic experience in the past. Hemp oil for pets, like tinctures, can help calm your cats nerves. However, you should follow up with a vet to ensure it isn’t something more serious.

Arthritis and Joint Pain

As cats age they can develop arthritis and/or joint problems. Since there is currently no cure for arthritis, CBD tinctures can be used to alleviate any pain. Aside from being a natural consequence to aging, arthritis can be triggered by your cat experiencing an injury in their joints or by being overweight, as this can put strain on the joints. Make sure your cat is eating the appropriate amount and type of food and that they are safe from possible injury. However, if your cat still suffers from arthritic and joint pain, hemp oil for pets can be a safe option for them.


Inflammation typically occurs due to arthritis or joint pain, but it can also occur elsewhere in the body. Whether it is located in the tail, paws, or stomach, CBD can help make the pain more bearable for your cat as well reduce any anxieties caused by the pain.


We all know that cats can hiss, scratch, and meow loudly when they feel threatened or have had trauma in their lives. Some cats are harder to tame than others, but everyone wants their cat to feel safe at home and behave when there are guests coming over. Our CBD tincture for cats can help calm their aggression so that they can trust and feel safe about their home.

Increased Appetite

It is always worrying when your cat isn’t eating their food or drinking their water. They start to lose weight and can become dehydrated. I speak from experience when I say that when my cat ran away for the whole month of December, we made sure to switch out dry food with wet food to keep her hydrated when we finally got her back. It takes time to build back your cat’s appetite and it may be easier by using our CBD tincture for cats.

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