Your CBD Guide For Your Mental Health

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Your CBD Guide For Mental Health

Mental health is so important for your wellbeing, especially now. With the stress of working remotely, taking care of the kids, and keeping things organized, it can take some time to feel at peace again. Here at Remedi, we want to help you stay at peace with yourself and others. Our CBD products can help calm your nerves during these trying times.

Calming Activities For Your Mental Health

Sometimes mental health and anxieties can be comforted by participating in certain activities or tasks. Remedi CBD would like to give you a short list of calming activities to help with your mental health:

  • Taking a walk outside
  • Getting a massage to loosen your knots
  • Listening to calming instrumental music
  • Swimming
  • Visiting a park
  • Learning a new hobby like baking
  • Taking a nice nap
  • Essential oils to calm the senses
  • Meditation

These recommendations are not cures for mental health problems and anxieties, but they may help make your day easier. Adding one of these activities into your daily schedule may give you peace of mind and something to look forward to.

How CBD Can Help With Mental Health

CBD does not produce the same effects as THC: it doesn’t get you high or have any psychoactive properties. CBD oil contains cannabinoids, a chemical that is also naturally produced in the body when we sleep and exercise, as stated by Psychology Today. When this chemical is released, it can make you feel good just like when you hug someone you care about. 

Even though we can’t certify that CBD is a replacement for mental health treatment, it could offer some benefits that we know could help alleviate anxieties you may have. 

Soothing Remedi CBD Products

At Remedi, we want you to feel relaxed and enriched using our CBD products. There are plenty of CBD products to choose from to help you unwind and calm yourself. Below you’ll find a list of some relaxing remedies for you to try.

Remedi CBD Capsules

Our capsules are perfect for measuring out the CBD you take daily. Remedi Essential Caps can be used as a dietary supplement, are vegan, and easy to swallow and digest. 

If you need some extra energy for the day, we also offer our Remedi Plus Boost Caps. These capsules are infused with vitamins, CBD isolate, and caffeine for that extra boost. 

For that extra relaxation, Remedi Plus Relax Caps will help you chill. These caps are infused with 3mg of melatonin and are THC free. 

Remedi CBD Topicals

Some may find the act of rubbing lotion or cream onto their skin as soothing. Taking a capsule won’t give that sensation, so we have topical creams to help. They come in 2 scents to help with your wellbeing and mental health: blood orange and unscented. 

Our Remedi Topicals can help subside any pain or tension you may have, and the unscented topical cream is perfect for sensitive skin. You will feel a sense of relief once applied to help with any anxieties or mental health issues. 

Remedi CBD Edibles

Comfort food always makes us feel safe and at home with ourselves. What better comfort food is there than hard candies and gummies? Our edibles come in fruity flavors like apple and watermelon. The act of chewing food can help you concentrate, and the added properties of CBD can help your mental health and wellbeing.

Remedi CBD Tinctures

Want a little sample of CBD? A few drops of our CBD Tinctures may do the trick. You can infuse your food, drink, or simply place a few drops under your tongue. Our Remedi Tinctures are made from premium hemp grown in the United States. Not only are they vegan, but also gluten free, and come in two flavors: peppermint and natural.

These are just some Remedi CBD products to help manage your mental health and improve your general wellbeing. There are plenty more options at our shop that may interest you too, so take a look.

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